About Andrey Solovev

My name is Andrey Solovev. I was born in 1986. I used to live in Siberia in the cities of Magadan, then in Omsk. Now I moved to St. Petersburg.
My job is an anesthesiologist.
About 10 years ago I started to smoke the pipes. Now my favorite tobaccos - based on Virginia and Perica - capstan, orlic golden sliced, dark flake, navi flake.
When I started to smoke, it became interesting for me to make the pipes myself. In about 2012, I started buying briar and hobby-blocks, began to collect equipment for the workshop. I searched for information on forums and in open Internet sources. After my transfer to St. Petersburg, I got acquainted with pipe-smokers, some Russian makers, joined the local pipe-community.
In a basic, I make pipes from Italian briar. Experimented with morta.
So far my stocks of wood are small, they last for 6-12 months. And I actively purchase material for storage. I make stems from German and Japanese ebonite.
I use decorations from a bamboo, a tree, a horn, bronze, acryil.
I make about 30 - 40 pipes for a year.
Pipes I do in various ways depending on the future shape.
I do not use plaster on the outside. I do not carbonize the camera from the inside unless the customer asks for it.
I do not have my own style and classification system. I am still studying.
My workshop is very small, is on the balcony of my apartment.
The logo is a lighthouse. I just really love lighthouses.
Nice to meet You!